AUN (ASEAN University Network) has long been encouraging the use of information and communication technology (ICT) in education through the information networking programme. The Information Networking among ASEAN Universities Programme emphasises on the establishment and development of on-line information exchange system in member universities*. The launch of the AUN homepage (http://www.aun-sec.org/) and the successful seminar on Information Networking and IT Development in March 2000 have enhanced the dissemination of information among AUN members.

In September 2002, De La Salle University, Manila, hosted a “Conference on AUN Inter-Library Online” to strengthen information networking among AUN Member Universities as well as to provide support of academic resources to the development of a virtual university. The Conference gathered librarians and IT experts from AUN Member Universities (from UBD, RUPP, UGM, UI, UM, USM, UP, NUS, NTU, BU, CU, and VNUH) to explore the best possible way for the establishment of AUN Inter-Library Online. A resolution to set up an AUNILO Working Committee was adopted at the Conference and submitted to the AUN Board of Trustees in January 2003.

AUN Executive Director Assoc. Prof. Dr. Supachai Yavaprabhas had asserted, ”AUNILO is a continuous effort in enhancing information networking among member universities through the sharing of digital academic resources. It would support the development of an ASEAN virtual university, which is the AUN’s ultimate goal.

AUNILO to boost online resource sharing among AUN members

The AUNILO Working Committee held its 1st meeting in April 2004 in Singapore hosted by the NTU Library. The theme for the meeting was “Growing people; training and developing new-age information professionals for academic libraries”. At this meeting, the members reaffirmed to undertake tasks agreed to in support of the Resolution of the Manila Conference (and developed terms of reference for the Working Committee and the Secretariat).

  1. To promote competent human resource development in ASEAN by the strong support of wider access to academic source supplies shared by all ASEAN countries.
  2. To strengthen existing linkages and support further co-operations among higher education institutions in ASEAN countries through the sharing of academic resources.
  3. To provide another channel of information sharing among academic communities in ASEAN, utilizing technological advancement and existing resources in the AUN Member Universities.

The terms of reference of the AUNILO Working Committee

The aim of the AUNILO Working Committee is to help members develop world-class library and information services. This shall be achieved by:

  1. Planning and formulating strategies and monitoring the progress of activities for the mutual benefit of the member libraries;
  2. Pursuing resource sharing activities among the member libraries;
  3. Developing and sustaining human resource development programs among the member libraries; and
  4. Harnessing ICT in the promotion maintenance and enhancement of programmes and activities of the AUNILO member libraries.

The terms of reference of the AUNILO Secretariat

  1. Coordinate AUN Secretariat and member libraries planned activities of the Committee and monitor progress of said activities;
  2. Facilitate communication among member libraries;
  3. Act as clearing house for training and other programs; and
  4. Present a progress report at the annual meeting.

It was also agreed that for five years, 2004-2008, Universiti Sains Malaysia Library shall serve as the AUNILO Secretariat, while Universiti Malaya Library shall host the AUNILO Portal at http://www.aunilo.um.edu.my/ and set up communication facilities.

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