6th Meeting, Indonesia, 2010


  • Date: 7-9 April 2010
  • Host: Universitas Indonesia
  • Theme: Access to ASEAN Collections: Building portal, bridging nations
  • Website: http://aunilo.lib.ui.ac.id/


  1. Minutes (DOC-116KB)
  2. Agenda for Business Meeting (DOC-42KB)
  3. Appendix 1: Minutes of 5th AUNILO Meeting (DOC-137KB)
  4. Appendix 2: AUNILO Secretariat report 2009/2010 (DOC-504KB)
  5. Appendix 3: AUNILO Portal (Slide PDF-1MB)
  6. Appendix 4: ASEAN-ROK Cyber University (DOC-28KB) and Slide (PPT-6MB)
  7. Appendix 5: AUNILO Group Discussion (IT and Infrastructure) (DOC-48KB) and Slide (PPT-720KB)
  8. Appendix 6: Group Discussion (Content Management) (DOC-48KB) and Slide (PPT-176KB)
  9. Appendix 7: Group Discussion (Rules and Regulations) (DOC-48KB) and Slide (PPT-112KB)
  10. Appendix 8: Resolutions (DOC-340KB)

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