Recent developments of AUNILO on the Web

Below are the recent developments of AUNILO on the Web as of April 2011:-

  1. AUNILO website domain name has been registered and now is accessible with its domain name Cost of registration is USD17 per year. All members may update the links to the AUNILO Web site.
  2. Size of disk storage of AUNILO website has also been increased by 5GB at a cost of USD19.97 a year. All documents related to AUNILO since its inception will be uploaded into the website.
  3. FlickrPro account has been activated at USD24.95 a year and may now includes photos and video without limition.
  4. AUNILO Facebook Fan Page ( has been created and so far has a total of 26 fans.

Photo: AUNILO Workshop on Library Best Practice: “Leadership In Strategic Deployment For User-Driven Libraries”, 22–25 Nov 2010, Universiti Brunei Darussalam

Members are requested to promote these Web initiatives.

The secretariat is actively uploading and updating the contents and welcomes contributions from members. Please contact Ms. Radia for inquiries and suggestions.

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